Our Demands

  • To propagate the teachings of Subhas Chardra Bose and other revolutionary leaders of the world.
  • To initiate an effective role as auxiliary force for establishment of socialism in India through socialist revolution.
  • To foster relations of friendship with the student community fighting against Imperialism, Neo-Colonialism, Racialism and Globalization, Liberalization and WT.O aggression in the international arena.
  • To endeavour to reform the policy on Education in India for the cause of well-being of the students and the country as a whole.
  • To direct relentless struggle against the erosion of values in the Field of Society and Culture.
  • Struggle for 100% literacy.
  • To organize the students of various Universities. Colleges, High Schools and such other Educational Institutions In India to fight for the establishment of a progressive, democratic and scientific educational system.
  • To mobilize and direct the students to wage relentless struggle for the eradication of casteism, religious fundamentalism and such other antisocial evils in the society and to initiate an effective role for forging out an Indian Society to strengthen the ideas of equality, religious harmony and secularism.
  • To extend support and co-operation to the struggle of the working class people and the middle class for achieving the day to day democratic rights and the common effects.